Lung Party

Lung Party is essentially a slam poetry event in podcast form. Join host, Antosh Wojcik and a number of poets as they perform their pieces, showcasing some of the most unique creative talents that poetry has to offer.

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Episode 1 – Beth Phillips:

Beth Phillips transcends the use of poetry, giving her listeners/readers a dream-verse to walk within where we see complex and surreal and magically real versions of our emotions live almost as these alternative versions mapped over our skin. Her writing comes from a very urgent analysis of reality.

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Episode 2 – Danny Adams:

Danny is a poet who is deeply introspective, who seems to capture something strange in the fine lines between human behaviour and the behaviour of objects.

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Episode 3 – Chloe Smith:

Chloe’s poetry engages with striking subjects in whole-hearted but nonetheless technical and experimental ways.

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Episode 4 – Summer Young:

Summer’s poetic voice is described as ‘next-level, surreal, comedic yet kind of disturbingly human’. The work speaks for itself as small, short breaths of weirdness and humanity clashed into one.

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Episode 5 – Sophie Edwards:

Each poem by Sophie is like a labyrinth of corners. The unpredictability of her work’s nature captures the extremism that is available in the world of poetry. She is known for being daring in what one can achieve in the turning of a line.

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Episode 6 – Lawrence Nicholas:

Lawrence is a poet who seeks to expand the jargon of the medical and takes to the emotional centre of a body under constraint. His work strikes a balance between the pain in the profound with the privilege of the everyday dreamscape.

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Episode 7 – John Son:

John is a poet of eloquence matched with bite, sting and grit. His work is described as ‘surgical, unflinching in peeling of the everyday nobody or somebody’.

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Episode 8 – Ian Goldberg:

Ian’s work are flocks of images dissecting one another and satires of commercial riffs and redundancies. An ‘absurdist buffet gone sexual all with a sharp investigation of the wilderness that is the psyche’.

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Episode 9 – Katt Beatson:

Kat’s poetry is characterised by its conversational surrealism with each piece of work throwing the reader/listener into the gap between awake and asleep. This is known as the nap-zone where we experience everyday oddities with a slight juice of metaphor punch and dream and it is how Kat explores what it is to be human

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Episode 10 – Stephen ‘Ripper’ Mizen:

The ‘laureate of Bohemia’ from Winchester.

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Episode 11 – Matt LT Smith:

Matt’s work warms the heart with soul. This episode is also guest produced by Bump Kin.

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Episode 12 – Han Luong:

As well as the work of Han Luong, this episode features a guest track poetic response from eyeglitch.

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