Queer Talk

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Queer Talk promotes healthy discussions of topics regarding the LGBTQ+ community that would otherwise seem taboo, such as sexuality, gender, romantic orientation and what life is like as a queer student in university.

Co-hosts Lee and Jess want to help listeners better understand the LGBTQ+ community, through a judgement-free platform by discussing and debating areas of uncertainty among the audience.

Through its association with and support of Queer Talk, Splendid Fred shows its dedication towards influencing positive change in our community, both on a local and wider scale.

Episode 1 – Introduction to the LGBTQ+ Community:

The very first episode of Queer Talk focuses on introducing some of the more commonly known identities within the LGBT community, delving into the history of LGBT rights in the UK, and the upcoming Hampshire Pride!

Click here to listen to Episode 1 on SoundCloud.

Episode 2 – Hampshire pride and Sexuality, Gender, and Romantic Orientation:

The second episode talks about the hosts’ experiences of Hampshire Pride before delving into the three spectrums: Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Romantic Orientation.

Click here to listen to Episode 2 on SoundCloud.