Stefan Rafael


Stefan has been making music from an astonishingly young age, being brought up in an artistic environment and surrounded by creativity. He recalls fondly making rap songs with his brother on Garage Band – a style that he’s trying to replicate in some of his current work.

With an unbridled passion for making music, Stefan takes from his own personal experiences and claims his best songs have come from him letting out pent up emotion in the form of guitar riffs and lyrics. Inspiration for his music is also taken from the ‘intricacies’ of others – little habits and parts of their appearance that others may not notice. As you can tell, Stefan takes great pride in making all of his songs truthful, not just rhyming lyrics for the sake of making a song.

His single ‘Photographs’ is a summary of his life so far, looking back whilst being on the brink of ‘real’ adulthood. You can listen to it on SoundCloud here.

Also check out the music video for the single ‘Mannequin’ here.

Instagram – @stefanrafaelmusica

Facebook – @Stefan Rafael